Together We Can – shaping the future of Tongan business

The Tonga National Business Conference is set to make a significant impact on the Kingdom’s business landscape as it kicked off today with the theme “Together We Can.”

The four-day conference, running from October 17 to 20, hosted by the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development and in collaboration with the Tonga Chamber of Commerce & Industry, brings together leaders, experts, and stakeholders to chart a course towards a brighter economic future.

Mr. Sam Vea, the President of the Tonga Chamber of Commerce & Industry, delivered a warm and welcoming speech, reinforcing the idea that progress in the Tongan business sector can only be achieved by working together. His words ignited a sense of optimism among the conference participants.

The keynote speech, delivered by the Acting Minister of the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development, Hon. Lord Vaea, emphasized the government’s commitment to fostering a thriving business environment. Lord Vaea shared the vision of a Tonga where businesses of all sizes can prosper and play a crucial role in the nation’s development.

The heart of the conference revolves around a series of sessions that delve into Tonga’s key economic sectors. Each session features distinguished speakers who offer insights, progress reports, and plans for the future.

The opening sessions today were delivered by the Government Ministries such as Finance, Agriculture and Fisheries. The offered insights into the initiatives and strategies to enhance economic sustainability and performance.

Distaquaine Tu‘ihalamaka, CEO of the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development, outlined measures taken to create an environment where businesses can flourish and drive economic growth.

Sam Vea, the President of Tonga Chamber Commerce & Industry, wrapped up the sessions by highlighting the crucial role the Chamber plays in supporting businesses and advocating for their interests.

These sessions serve not only as platforms to exchange accomplishments and challenges but also to foster constructive dialogue between the public and private sectors. It underscores the interconnectedness of these sectors and the importance of working collaboratively for Tonga’s economic development.

The Tonga National Business Conference promises a bright future as it operates under the theme “Together We Can.” With enthusiastic participants and an ambitious agenda, the conference aims to create lasting change and opportunities for Tonga’s business community. This event is more than just a conference; it’s a rallying cry for unity and determination to drive Tonga’s economic development forward.

As the conference unfolds over the next few days, stakeholders, business leaders, and government representatives will continue to work hand in hand, fostering collaboration and determination. They envision a prosperous future where the spirit of togetherness continues to drive economic growth and prosperity in the Kingdom of Tonga.

More information about the Conference can be found at its website by clicking here.

Source: Talanoa ‘o Tonga News

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